Christian audio sermons

The free Christian audio sermons on this page are from Ben Flatt, a long-time gospel preacher from Henderson, Tn.

Sermons from 2015:

I Cannot Reverse It

Look At Yourselves

Broad VS Narrow Minds

Is God a Respector Of Persons?

Problems In The Church

Living for God in the Senior Years

Sermons from 2014:

The Bible

7 Beatitudes

7 Churches

Law Business

7th Day


Inspiration Of The Bible

Attacks On God’s Word

Daily Study

Daily Teaching

Daily Responsibility

Importance Of The Bible

A Good Bible Student

Daily Praise Worship

The Power of the Bible

Daily Blessings

How to use Bible

Sum Of Thy Word

What Do You Profit From Scripture?

Sermon for Mothers Day

Sermon on Elders

Daily Emotions

Why We Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God?

I Cry Daily

Daily Results



In A Cloud

Scientific & Geographical Accuracy of the Bible

Overshadowing Cloud

Bow In A Cloud

The Milk Of The Word

Just Inside The Back Cover

Under A Cloud

Cloud of Witnesses

Effects of Gospel

The Bible and You

On Cloud 9

Beyond the Clouds

The Christian Hope

Clouds Without Water

One Hope

Who can Alter the Course of Clouds?

Anchor Of The Soul

False Hope

Morning Cloud

Do You Have Hope?

Wandering Clouds

Pillar of the cloud

State Of the Congregation

Coming in the Clouds

No Hope

The One Who Gives Us Hope

Saved By Hope

When The Clouds Roll By

Coming Home

Blessed Assurance

Going Home

Last Things Said of Others

Last Words Of Christ

Sermons from 2013:

What Think Ye of Jesus?

Build On The Rock

Where Have You Put Jesus?

Written in Stone

Have You Been With Jesus?

One Little stone

The Total Jesus

Following Jesus

The Sealed Stone Now Rolled Away

Shall We Cast A Stone?

Do We Speak To Strike the Rock?

Jesus is My ______

Seeking the Lost

How Others Treated Jesus

The Lost Coin

The Younger Son As He Left Home

The Far Country

The Lord’s Return

The Greatest Thing in the World

The Prodigal Son as He Returned Home

Don’t Stop Loving Me

Missouri Love

The Elder Brother Luke 15

The Father In Luke 15

The Way Down or The Way Up

What The Prodigal Did Not Say

Cups of Love

It Made No Sense Then

Chain Of Love

God Made Something From Nothing

There Is Only One Way To The Pearly Gates

Tuff Love

If That Isn’t Love

He Was Dead Now He Is Alive

A Bit of Brad and a Sip of Wine

You Mean I Am Last?

Self Love

Never Die

What Is A Revival?

Sermon on Baptism


7 Servants

Revive Corn

7 Wonders

In The Family

God Hates

Revived Dead

Bargerton COC

Law Rd Coc

7 ones

Revive Thy Work

Revive Us Again


Revive Me

Revive Heart

7 Statements

7 Christian Graces

Audio – 45

Sermons from 2012:

Better We Don’t Know

Mental Preparation

Written in Red-Service

Advice In Farm Language

Advice In Farm Language 2

The Man Who Walked With God

The Book of Revelation Study Part 8

The Book Of Revelation Study Part 9

Sheep Business

The Mountain Man

The Book Of Revelation Study Part 11

Behold The Lamb Of God

Two Seekers

The Book Of Revelation Study Part 12

A Man After Gods Own Heart

Cattle On A Thousand Hills

The Book Of Revelation Study Part 13

If He Could Parent His Children Again

The Roaring Lion

A Bird Out Of Her Nest

The Distinct Plea

The Distinct Pattern

The Distinct People

The Distinct Plan


The Book Of Revelation Study Part 14

The Odd Couple

The Panting Deer

The Book of Revelation Study Part 15

The Talking, Beaten Donkey

Two Apostles – Alike But Different

The Book of Revelation Study Part 16


Dumb As A Mule

The Book of Revelation Study Part 17

The Book of Revelation Study Part 18

Mothers (2)

The Rooster Crew Twice


The Book of Revelation Study Part 19

What the Eunuch Did Not Say

Can A Leopard Change His Spots?

Father Abraham


The Camel

The Man That Was Runner Up

What’s Written In Red

Four Little Creatures

Written In Red – Learner

Nadab and Abihu – Sons of Aaron

The Book of Esther

Written In Red – Family

The Book of Ruth

Written In Red – Impossibilities


Written In Red – Forgiveness

The Excuses of Moses

Moses and the Compromises of Pharaoh

The Book of Acts Study Part 2

Written in Red-Temptation

Written in Red Compassion

The Faith of Moses

Written In Red – False Faces

Love in the Decalogue

Law Of Moses Today

Written in Red – Sin & Punishment

Practical Lessons from the Decalogue

Written in Red – Thanksgiving

Decalogue – First Four Commandments

Decalogue –  the Last Six Commandments

Human Relationships

The Death of Moses

The Mother of Moses

Written in Red – Giving

What Made Moses Tick

Sermons from 2011:

Image Of God

Short But Profound

Do you Sleep well?

Here a Little – There A Little

Things In Hell I Wish Were In the Church

Eden’s Apple

The Book of Revelation Study part 1

The Book of Revelation Study Part 2

The Book of Revelation Study Part 3

The Book of Revelation Study Part 5

The Book of Revelation Study Part 7

Standing By The Casket

Why The Early Church Grew

Good Habits in Romans 12

To Obey Is Better

Misunderstood Thomas

Where Are The Nine?

Can We Prolong Life?

Invitations of Jesus

I Cannot Reverse It

We Assume Too Much


The Bed Was On Fire

Joy to the World

Things Spiritual And Physical

Sermons from 2005:


Respect For God

Praise The Lord

An Empty Life

I had a Drug Problem

Importance Of The Kingdom

The Older Brother

Tsunami Feelings

Is Good Good Enough?

First Mile Religion

Second Mile Religion

Is Christ a Polygamist?


Personal Responsibility

Basic Guidelines


What I Can’t Give You

Sermons from 2004:

God Smiles On You

Judas and Peter

Successful Marriage

The Answer Book

Was Jesus Death Necessary?

Local Involvement

The Gay Movement

Who Is on the Throne?

Been There Before

The Empty Tomb

Draw Nigh to God

Most Important Things

The Grace of God

Promises of Jesus

There is a Generation

Bookends of Christ’s Life

Factors In Morality


Church and State


The Conscience

Sermon on communion (Lord’s Supper)

The Inner Man

How To Be Happy

The Word

You Knew I was a Snake

Cheap Religion

Scars Of Sin



The Flowing Flood


I Stand Secure

Sermons from 2003:

His Name

The Family

The Other Side of the Coin

Holy Ground



Avoiding Extremes


Advice For Marriage

Looking At the Lord’s Supper

A New Creature



More Than Life

Savior More Than Life to Me

Forgive Me When I Complain

The Complete Gospel

Iron Curtain

Idols In The Heart

The Other Woman



Andrew And Philip Bring To Jesus

Money Matters

Speaking the Truth in Love


Have You Really Been Baptized (Part 1)?

Have you Really Been Baptized (Part 2)?

Put On Christ

The Ten Commandments

Never Mention Him to Me


When Is Sin Sin

Tolerating Sin

Reaction To Sin

Can We Know We Are Saved?


Last Words of Jesus

Is Jesus Seen In You?

Levels of Love and Friendship

Where Would You Be If ….

Wrong Is Wrong


Sermons from 2002:

Who Is At The Door

Borne Of Four


Such Were Some Of You

What Is Man?

How Soon We Forget


The Kingdom of God

Sin Is ____

Sin Is Sin

Early Risers

One Thing


The Resurrection

Making Melody In Your Heart

No More Twain

Oneness In Jesus Christ

If – Then

Jesus – Our Shepherd

Progression Of Sin

The Eunuch

In Remembrance

Forget Not

Why Cant They See It?

Best Way To Say No

God The Great Mathematician


Nine Men In A Mine

The First Sin

The House of My God

Back To Normal


The Sign Said Stop

The Lottery

U – Turn Allowed

Attitude Toward Those With Whom We Disagree

The Church in Our Town

Common Salvation


Once Delivered

The Faith

Commandments of Christ

Sermons from 2001:

Be An Organ Donor


Insuring Your Silver, Gold and Diamonds


What The Prodigal Son Did NOT Say

Back To The Beginning

When Is Worship Boring

The Sinner’s Prayer

The Power Of Light



In A Hole – Stop Digging

Prepare To Meet Thy God

Dust – But Not Dirt

When Did Jesus Die?

How Great Thou Art

Fifty Years Plus

If Christ Be Not Risen

Like Father – Like Son

One Thing

Planning To Go To Heaven?

If My Husband Would _________


If My Wife Would ________

Progression In Temptation

The Odd Couple

Give Me This Mountain

Go Take A Dip

Do You Know Jesus?

Where Have You Put Jesus?

Changing Your Feelings

Silent Arguments

The Cause of Christ

Not An Option

Faithful Rahab

Sound Brethren

Prayer Of A Hypocrite


God Is Able To Deliver Thee

Saved By Works

God Is Our Refuge

Classifying Sin

How to Cover Sin

Sinning Against the Child

The Gospel


Be A Real Man




Santa Clause

Christ Died For Us


Contrast In Judgement

Sermons from 2000:

What day is this?

Mama never spent a dime

The new birth

I would, you would not

A deacon

Do morals matter?

Is the seed still in the barn?

Where is it found?

The “do’s and dont’s” of baptism


Dealing with sin

A for happiness

The earth is the Lord’s

Bless the Lord

Does It Matter How We Worship?

Inside Out



Personal Evangelism

Parent’s Day


Music In Worship

Where Is Thy Brother?

Benefits Of Teaching

Observance of the Lord’s Supper

Did God Make A Mistake?

Your Appearance

Independence – Dependence

Worship – Customs Laws Principles

Growth In Love of Spouse

Growth In The Early Church

God Gave The Increase

Grow In This Grace Also

Around In Every Good Work

Grow Up Into Him

Grow In Faith and Abound In Love

Grow In Grace and Knowledge

Childlike or Childish

Balance In Growth

Labor and Laborers

Baptism – God or Man

God’s Prescription For Music

The Body

The Heart

The Finger of God

I Suppose

It’s Impossible

Mission Work And Heart


We Belong Together

A Good Bible Class Student

You Cast The Deciding Vote

Falling Out Of Love

Resolutions of Absolutions

Chain of Love

Isn’t It Strange?

Where Is The Joy?

Sermons from 1999:

A Package Deal

The Right Game Plan

Forget The Azaleas

Living In The Garden

Test One Should Not Fear

Between Two Mountains

Where Is The Wise?

Marriage is a Noun and Verb

Shut in our shut out?

More than a package

Children listen – are you talking?

Fishless fishermen

Where to begin?

Both giving and receiving

Baptized into what?

Salvation in three tenses

And that He rose again

How was Noah saved?

Forward march!

Only in religion

Can I blush?

First mile in religion

Most common words in closing prayers

A gift to the altar

Reasonable service

No, that is okay

The wrong G word

Keep in memory

Dealing with death

Next to

My family can – I can’t

Blown opportunities

What made Moses tick

Communication with God

Liberty free or entangled?

Idle worship

The tree and the post

The forever funeral

Without cause

What I should expect of you

The dash

Prayer – conditional or unconditional?

The road has two ditches

Do you remember Jn. 11:35?

Respect for parents

Does God exist?

Where mother can’t go

The head of the stream

Dealing with women

Is the Bible really God’s word?

A merry heart

Why do you believe the Bible?

You can be Christ’s disciple

The snake bitten fool

Be part of the memory

There is a generation

Where there is no vision

Is Christ really divine?

Every secret thing

Must one be in Christ to be saved?

Is there life after death?

The judgment and you

Is my name written there?

Sermons from 1998:

Analysis Of Work

Jesus And Human Relationships

Jesus and Worship

Jesus and His Pupils

The Christian Graces End Results

The Christian Graces Brotherly Kindness #9

Jesus and Temptation

Jesus Says Live

Jesus and the Needs of the People

The Power In The Blood

False assurance

Enter To Worship Leave To Serve

As Ye Would – Do Ye

Iron Curtains In Religion

The Lords Return When —Then

A Mental Test

Advice In One Word

If in the Home – Also In The Church

Christ the Answer to Sin

Conversations With The Terminally Ill

Raising Ebenezer

Pants Pressed Here (2)

Pants Pressed Here

Seven Baptisms – One Baptism



Are You Ready Here I Come

Unsung Heroes

Do We Celebrate the Resurrection?

Baptism and Fellowship

The Ten Plagues

Compromise of the Pharaoh’s

Put Off Thy Shoes

Jesus The Word The Truth

Jesus and Personal Responsibility

The Christian Graces Intro #1

Jesus and the Great Commission

The Christian Graces Diligence #2

Jesus’ Advice For a Better Marriage

Jesus Teaches About Sexual Morality

The Christian Graces Faith #3

Jesus and Love

Jesus Refutes Premillennialism

The Christian Graces – Virtue

Jesus and Compassion

Jesus and His Father

The Christian Graces Temperance #6

Jesus and Service

Baptism Means Immersion

Jesus and Government

The Christian Graces Patience #7

Jesus Teaching About Life After Death

Jesus Refutes Denominationalism

Jesus and Love

We Are No Secret Agents


Christ Preaches Through Agents

Would You Enjoy Heaven?

Different Relations With The Same Person

The House Of God

If Eli Could Be A Parent Again

Sins And The Sinner

Thanksgiving Attitudes and Actions

Three Crosses

As The Years Go By



Make Me Like Hur

What Happens When People Respond

A Christian On A Roll

When You Can’t Find the Door

Sermons from 1997:

Trouble With The Verbs

Prayers That Bounce


Good soldiers for Christ

Seeking the Lost

The God Of Isaac


Some Things I Don’t Know How To Do

Do You Have A Can’t Wait Problem?

Superlative Words

Elders Are Men Who Lead

The Establishment Of The Church

Following Jesus

Unfortunate Facts About Easter

Installing Elders

Making Melody

The Key To Church Growth

Grandpa Told Me So

Is Your God (god) Able?

Behold The Lamb Of God

Assurance Of Salvation

No Condemnation

The Godhead – One Or Three?

Different Manifestations of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit And The Word

Sins Against The Holy Spirit

I’m The Moon, Not The Sun

Misconceptions Of The Holy Spirit

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

A Christian Looking Girl

Biblical Predestination

As It Was Told To Me

What Matters Really Matters

Possible Excuses Of The 3000

Recommending Your Religion

Scattered Preachers

Be Not Deceived

The Hardest One To Conquer

Right Desires

I Have Learned

The Value Of Desire

I am a Bag of Holes

The Faith of Moses


Church Revival

Beggars After Death

Sins Big or Small

Continuous Forgiveness

Can I Know I’m A Christian?

Why Be a Christian?

Condemning the World

Brands of Yeast

Ought To

Thanksgiving Inside and Out

The Seeker Or The Sought

The Wrong C

Claims Of Christ



Sermons from 1996:

The Old Testament

Asking the Wrong Questions

From The Beginning

Jesus In The Temple

Trust In The Lord

I Will

Settled At the Altar

Settled But Not Settled

A Baby Cried

Getting Out of the Blues

That Was Supposed to be Me

The Lord’s Supper On Sunday Night

Lies Easily Believed

Two Crosses of Salvation

Two Complete Questions

More Spiritual Are You Sure

Why People Feel Badly About Religion

Effects Of The Gospel

Minus One

Rest For The Weary

One At A Time

What Is An Education?


Seven Signs

The Upward Way

If That Isn’t Love

The Salvation Package



God’s Orchard

Who Can Find A Faithful Father

Families in The Bible Timothy

Is Marriage Good?

When God is Not Awesome

Four Wills of Jesus

A Broken Brother

Righteous Judgment

The Other Beatitudes

What’s on the Other Side of Death?

Transformed into Beauty



Exaltation of Jesus


Appreciation in the Family


Examples of Soldiers

Soldiers of Christ Arise

God The Father

Our Most common Regrets

What the Bible Promises

The IN Crowd

I’ll Be There (part 1)

I’ll Be There (part 2)

Sleight and Cunning Craftiness

The Right Combination

Cause and Effect

Why Cain’s Offer was Rejected

God’s Plan for Marriage

Where The Tree Falleth

Both Must Be Open

A Final Exam

Sermons from 1995:

1995-01-08-The Guaranteed Formula

Weighter Matters


Profitable For Doctrine

Faith Is The Victory

Profitable for Instruction

Faith Is The Victory

Profitable for Instruction

The Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

The Victim and the Criminal

Lost In The Woulds

Evidences of salvation

Halter Between Two Opinions


Kinds of Adultery

A Father-in-Law’s Advice

Elder-Member Relationships

God’s Deacons

There Is Always A Way Out

I Am A Star

When Will They Ever Learn?

Every Joint In Place

Turn What Over To God

Right Use of Freedom

Turn What Over To God

From A Distance

Christ’s Salesperson

The Soul Support of Children

We Have Need of Thee

The Best Form

Virtuality of Regularity

Three Loves

Trust and OK

Jesus said Come

Deeper Prayer

Right Use of Freedom

Name tags

A 35 Inch Yardstick

Once is Enough

What’s in a Name?

Principles of Bible Study


Joseph Met the Challenge

Handling the Goods

Required Courses

Why We Believe As We Do

Can One Be Saved If He is Not Lost?

Forgiveness Easy or Hard

From Genesis to the Maps

How Jesus Measured Man

What To Do During Church

God’s Plan for the Family

A Denying People

Keep a Gander in a Square Place

The Man Who Made The Master Marvel

The Church Is One

When Sin is a Sin

Two Legs and A Piece Of An Ear

The Christian and Music

The Least Confessed Sin

Seven Sights

God Is Awesome

Focus On The Wrong Cross

Relationship to the Old Testament

Preaching Jesus

Preaching Like Jesus

Preaching A Complete Jesus

Preaching Too Much About Jesus

Sermons from 1994:

What Shall I Do With Jesus?

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Jesus Went a Little Father

Jesus Was A Teenager

Deity of Jesus

Celebrating Our Blessings

Celebration of Special Days

What a Celebration

Celebration at Death

Celebration Alive Again

The Devil’s Zoo

The Devil’s Tools

Go Fer Enuf

Basic Needs of Today’s Youth

Scissors and Paste

From the Beginning

Two _ one

Why All the Announcements?

Three Witnesses

Have Ye Not Read

Four Generations

Seek Ye First

Do’s and Dont’s About Giving

How Sweet How Heavenly

Five Smooth Stones

Successful Teamwork

Six Cities of Refuge

The Three Bears

Jesus Is Real

Settled On Our Lees

A Little Leaven – The Whole Lump

The Birth of a Building

Seeing Through the Walls

You’re Not One of Them, Are You?

Two Birds Over the Desert


Churches of Christ

Remember Me O god For Good

To Paradise and Back

What An Inheritance

Husbands and Wives Sharing

The Churches of Christ Salute You

Not Older Jest Better

The Price of Jesus

Jesus: Lord or Lunatic?


Three Challenges to our Youth

Replacing Mother

Married to Christ The Responsibilities

Married to Christ Monogamy or Polygamy

Married to Christ The Rights

Married to Christ The Relationship

Bible Fund Raisers

Rock Around the Clock

A Spiritual House

Proof In Prophecy

Revived From the Dead

Science and the Bible

Revive Me and My Spirit

Clean but empty

Style of the Scriptures

Wilt Thou Not Revive Us Again

Nity of scriptures

Revive Thy Work


Revive Us in Our Bondage




New or Renewed


If The Old Law Still Applied


Are You Ready?

Turn Ye Northward


Sermons from 1993:

God is

Morning Cloud Goodness

God is Not

God Is (2)

Buying Mommy and Daddy

Building For the Lord


The Forms of Man

Too large a cup

These are the days

Shearing The Wolf

Trick or Treat

Ever Little Counts

Worship in “spirit and truth”

Woo em Win em Wet em

One Who Walked With God

Honor To Give Or Not To Give

What Makes Me Rich

How Wide Is The Church Door?

Christ Our Perfect Pattern

And Then the Floods Came

The Benefits of Labor

Me, Myself and I

Love Thyself

Love Not Thyself

When The Bible Says Nothing

Barnabas The Problem Solver

Way To Joy Is Through Suffering

Making Worship More Meaningful

Turn It Around

Getting To The Den

Leading To Eternity

Balance You Act Yes or No

Too busy doing wrong

O say can you see

Ripples of Knowledge

Is God a Marine?

A Fence Around Hell

The Greatest Need in the Henderson Church

Consider It Done

The Voice Crying From the Ground

Standing By The Casket

Can MUST Mean Maybe

Majoring In Minors

If I Could Rename My Mother

When Your Face Is On the Screen

There Is A Sea

Just Once

God’s Correction Fluid

Neither Male or Female

Faith Cometh

Heartburn or a Burning Heart

Homosexuality As Man Views It

Homosexuality As God Views it

Ye Are The Salt of the Earth

Something Missing On Inside

Listed But Listless

If He Can I Can Too

Worship Short But Profound


Before Watergate

Oh What A Fool I Am

If You Could Hand Pick Your Family


9 months earlier and 3 days later

Sermons from 1992:


It is well

In just one generation

Salvation is iffy

Words unspeakable

When love becomes sin

The beauty of holiness

God expects Missouri love

Overview of the Bible

Does God laugh or cry?

The perfect girdle

Does God care for me?

He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother

God’s memory

My Father’s hands



Motivation to follow God


Is God pro-choice?

Tell me about your God

Let your virtue supply knowledge


Be strong and of good courage

Add to your faith

Mind of God

Born of Four

Gospel Meetings


You Can Smash the Barometer

The importance of chance

Iron curtains in the heart

Four sons away from home


Education God’s way

Ye Fathers

Clutched by a bear part 2


Clutched by a bear

Don’t stop loving me


Reach out and touch someone


I’m gonna do something for somebody someday


The Great Physician Marshall Keeble


Your Schedule

The bed was on fire when I lay down on it


The grass can be greener on your side of the fence

Act your Wage

To judge or not to judge

No parking here

Fun Ahead

Why I believe in the Plan of Salvation

Why I believe it works

Making your life longer or shorter

Make haste slowly

These open doors

Elijah and the prophets of Baal

Christ and the Single Person

How shall we order the child?

Classifying Sin

The front seat

The Senior Years

My relatives and my actions dead or alive

Can righteousness be legislated

When the clouds roll by

God’s Teachers

That’s great, but why wait?

A cloud of protection

Sermons from 1991:

Fill in the blanks

Coming in a cloud

Only a step

Here are the nine

Balanced parenting

Who can alter the course of a cloud?

God’s person

Flee youthful fornication

Under a cloud

Making a marriage last

Discipline in the Church

The best thing is yet to be

Help meet A fitting helper

Building your home on a cloud

Wandering clouds

Modesty: You make the decision

Rainbow in the cloud

In a cloud

And then turn northward

Example Not superhuman

Things which never change

Thoughts about wartime

Go to the heaven of your choice

Advancing without the ball

Abiding in the doctrine

When He comes then

Is the Church a substitute for the Kingdom?

Nature of God

Attitudes towards the Bible

Israel Yesterday and Today

1007 years

The power of the Bible

Constant Factors in Christianity

Battle of Armageddon

The head of the stream

The Last Day The Last Days

Marriage scriptural style

Sex Right or Wrong

Framework for answering pertinent questions

Why One nation under God

Woman’s place in the Church

Women’s place in the home

The Lord’s Supper 4 ways to look

How to use the Lord’s name

Putting Life into focus

Except the Lord build the house

Grace and the book of Acts

How to study the Bible

What makes a great teacher

How to study the Bible 1

Frustrating God’s grace

It doesn’t get any better than this

Promoting the growth in the Church

Three kinds of sight

Successful worship depends upon WQ not IQ

What meaneth the bleating of the sheep?

Led by a cloud

With what measure ye mete

Remember who you are

Overshadowed by a cloud

Sermons from 1990:

The way to win is submit

Walking with God

You never mentioned Him to me

Don’t forget the seed

The way to peace is to fight

Go work in the vineyard

The ultimate choice

The way to love is to hate

The Rich man and Lazarus

A child lent to the Lord

The way to be found is to be lost

The way to do is don’t

Thou Art The Man

Behold thy Mother

Enlarge my coast

Such as I have I give

In honor to the hoary read

In our senior years

Why the Jerusalem Church grew

Turning the world upside down

What does it take to be a real man


Attitudes towards those with whom we disagree

I know that my redeemer lives

If God be for us

Now I lay myself down to sleep

Missed opportunities

Proof of your love

Relationships old and new

Everybody does it

A trip to the 3rd heaven

Stings in the wine

Proper use of time and money

So Little Yet so wise

A bird out of its nest

Harvest Time

The worth of one soul

No knob on the outside

You and Yourself

The Universal Organization

The Universal Salvation

Universal Love

The Universal Sacrifice

The Universal Salvation


The great psychiatrist

Unspeakable Words

The incarcerated innocent man

The Real Jesus

Why Jesus came to earth

Building Fences

Sermons from 1989:

An Active Faith

Let’s huddle

Admonition from the scriptures 

Comfort from the scriptures

How to get moving in spiritual life

A fence or a hospital

Why wait for marriage

Call him John

Childlike: To be or not to be

Is there life before birth?

I don’t love him anymore

The loving thing

Not far from the kingdom

How do you look at God

Observations about Brazil 

Mothers in the home

The Tomb of Jesus

To live – with or for

Honesty Part 1

Honesty Part 2

A second chance

Art of Forgetting

Falling from Grace

Great Grace of God

Broken cisterns

Understanding God’s Grace

Split homes

The religion of which birth

Provoking on another

What provokes you?

Are feelings important?

God’s promises

When I became a man

When I was a child

But God

Doing the Lord’s work

God’s universal plan for the home

Siamese Twins in every family

The authority of Elders

Our Second Wind

The way forward is backward

The way in is out

Solomon’s prayer

The way to wisdom is through foolishness

I worship to in and from

The way to joy is through suffering

Sermons from 1988:

Restoring the erring

The hands of Jesus

Who is lost

What kind of lover are you

Who do you love

Covering sin

Give not what is holy to the dogs

Stay in the house

Why be a new testament christian

You can be a new testament christian

Does Christ unify or divide?

Did your baptism take?

Those who cannot be baptized 

Give us a revival

Three keys to success

The everywhere God

But he was a leper


The 1000 years

Our teachers

Visitation or personal work

Nothing but leaves

Are we just treating the symptoms?

When good becomes bad

Blessed assurance

Let not your heart be troubled

Freedom we cherish

Understanding Freedom

Have your cake and eat it too

Coming Home


Paradoxes of the cross

Are we saved by works? 

Good works

Tickle Step on or touch 

Do you talk to yourself?

Man’s suggestive hands

What would look natural in your hands?

Are Gospel meetings outdated?

Ticket to heaven

False faces

The cock crew twice

Let the redeemed say so

The Hearer Good or Bad

For what are you waiting?

Mind of God Mind of man

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