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The free Christian downloads on this page are from Chris Reno, a talented young preacher who lives in the state of Ohio.

Being an instrument for God (a sermon on Isaiah 10)

God has spoken! (A sermon on Ezekiel 2)

Ezekiel 4 audio sermon

Individual responsibility (a sermon on Ezekiel 18)

Children offered to idols (a sermon on Ezekiel 20)

Some leaders are DANGEROUS! (a sermon on Ezekiel 22)

Trust and desire (a sermon on Ezekiel 24)

Lessons from Destruction (a sermon on Ezekiel 25)

The dry bones in Ezekiel 37

What is the New Jerusalem?

A “magic trick”

The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10)

Distracted by good (Luke 10)

A sermon on bearing fruit (Luke 12)

Are you a hypocrite? (The sin of hypocrisy–Luke 12)

Why be careful instead of careless (a sermon on Luke 12)

Proper etiquette (a sermon on Luke 14)

Practical spirituality (a sermon on Luke 14)

Why we need to be faithful (a sermon on Luke 17)

Why be thankful (a sermon on thanksgiving, Luke 17)

Is worry a sin?

Sowing the seed of the gospel

Can money ruin my life?

Hard Bible truths

Help for those who hurt

A sermon on the resurrection of Christ

What does it mean to be sanctified?

 The importance of the mind

Why we need to show appreciation

Free sermon on perseverance (Jer. 13)

Should I worship God?

What does sanctification mean?

Sermon on Amos 2

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