Gospel sermons

These “gospel sermons” are from a wide variety of sources and places.  Some of the speakers are living and some are not.

Sermons by Al Brown:

The man of sorrows

Jesus – man of sorrows

Clearing Obscurities in First Corinthians


Come ye out from among them

What a Christian should do

Sermons by Andrew Connally

Is Jesus’ next coming imminent?

The problem of materialism

A sermon on marriage, divorce and remarriage

Ladies’ Bible class (1)

Prophecy is one proof the Bible is from God

The church and the great commission (part 1)

The church and the great commission (part 2)

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Why do churches die?

Alan Cloyd

A report on restoration 

Criticisms Restoration Summit Meeting

Alan Hahn

New Hermeneutics

Alan Highers

Dangers facing the church

The model prayer

United Pentecostal church and the Godhead (trinity)

The church and the sword of the spirit 

The church and the sword of the spirit (2) 

The church and the sword of the spirit (3)

Correct church government 

The spirits of the prophets

A. G. Hobbs

Conclusion of the Matter

Is there not a cause?

Andy Kiser:

Final Judgement – Is this consistent with God?

Life or death?

Asa Keele

The darkness of atheism

Does God exist?

The importance of congregational singing

Learning from Abraham

We be brethren

Archie Luper

The providence of God

Abraham Lincoln

Budgetary giving

Avon Malone

Studies in Philippians

Studies in the book of Ephesians

Studies in Philippians (part 2)

The greatest thing that ever happened

A study in Romans 5

The need for Congregational unity


The church – afterthought or God’s eternal purpose?

The blood which was shed for me

Motives to morality

A charge I have

How fragile life really is

Voices that call us

The need for a great vision

Reaching the lost

Resolve to grow

Study of Acts 5

Study of Philippians (part 1)

Study of Philippians (part 2)

These things were not done in secret