My dad’s a preacher…

I’m sure you heard the one about the little boys who were bragging on their dad’s. One little boy said, “My dad’s an artist. He can work two hours with a piece of canvas and people will pay him $1,000.00. Another boy said, “Big deal. My dad’s a doctor and he can work for an hour in surgery and make $5,000.00. Finally the third boy spoke up and said, “that’s nothing. My dad’s a preacher and he can work for 30 minutes and it takes 8 men to pick up the baskets full of money when he gets done!”

Whatever you dad does or did for a living, I hope it was something you can be proud of. Our father’s sacrificed far more than we will ever know so that our lives could be blessed. If you still have your father, be sure and let him know how much he is loved and appreciated.

Steve Higginbotham.

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