What does the word providence mean?

WHAT IS MEANT by the providence of God and how does providence work?
A concise statement of “divine providence” is difficult to set forth or explain, but the concept is that God exercises a preservation, care, and government over all that He has created…  The subject, “divine providence,” necessarily infers God’s intervention into natural law.
Some contrasts of miracles and providence:

Miracle                                                                 Providence

1.  Characterized by maximum interference            Characterized by minimum interference
2.  End result only incidental                                      End result especially primary
3.  Obvious                                                                 Not obvious
4.  Declares itself                                                       Makes no declaration
5.  Associated with an agent                                      Not necessarily associated with any agent

With respect to God’s two channels of operation–that is, miracle and providence–a person should observe: 1) that the method of accomplishment is different; 2) the purpose of the events are different, and 3) that the awareness of the observer is different.  Rex Turner, Sr. Daniel–A Prophet of God, 21
“…Give us this day our daily bread…”  Matthew

Mike Benson

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