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No, it’s not a typo.  I meant to type “discipleshift” rather than “discipleship.”  The reason for the “shift” is to bring to our attention some “shifts” in our thinking and conduct that may need to be made in order to conform ourselves more perfectly to the will of God.

  • When we view discipleship as just an event, and not a process, we need a discipleshift.
  • When we view church membership as being more about having your name on a roster rather than having a function, we need a membershift.
  • When our mantra for stewardship is “give till it hurts,” rather than “give cheerfully,” we need a stewardshift.
  • When we are more proud of our American citizenship than we are our heavenly citizenship, we need a citizenshift.
  • When we view Christian fellowship more as a function where our bodies are fed rather than a function where our spirits are fed, we need a fellowshift.
  • When we view church leadership as being more about “calling the shots” than being out front, serving as examples, we need a leadershift.
  • When we are more concerned about how our worship is received by our members and visitors than the way God receives it, we need a worshift.

Give it some thought.  Are there some “shifts” that need to take place in your life?

–Steve Higginbotham