A Bible riddle

When I received this difficult riddle,
I said “This really puts me in the middle!”
I know that animals were made before man
That this was God’s eternal plan.

So from the dust man was created,
And then he was by God sedated.
For God had opened up his side
And from a rib He made his bride.

I also know that Genesis told
How man became a living soul.
Of animals, this is never said
When they die they’re simply dead.

But man lives on eternally
Because he has a soul, you see.
And how we live while here we dwell,
Determines our destiny, Heaven or Hell!

But how to make these facts all blend
Was more than I could comprehend!
And so I counseled with a friend.

He said he’d seen the riddle before
And of an answer he was sure
For the answer you’ll have to look
In one of the Old Testament books.

You remember the story of Jonah and the whale
And brother, this is no made up tale,
This book by inspiration shows
How far that man will often go
To circumvent the Will of God
As down the road of life he trods.

And so I took this dear old story
And from it made an allegory.
A soul, this whale really had
And I had known it as a lad,

But it was not for its possession,
I hope from this we’ve learned a lesson.
The whale regurgitated up its prey
And so the soul was cast away.

But how could this whale give life?
Without light man has no sight.
I was thinking as a land lubber.
And had not considered the whale blubber
From this part, man had made whale oil
To light his path after days of toil.

But you, my friend, should listen well
While here on earth a short time dwell
Go search the Bible with all speed
But look for things that you should heed.

For it was written for your learning
Don’t be like Jonah, God’s will spurning.
But realize you have a soul
Worth more than all earth’s silver and gold

Believe in Christ, confess, obey.
He will not save you other ways.
When life is through, your eyes are dim
He’ll take you home to be with Him.

D. Arbaugh

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  1. Praise The Lord this was beautiful and very creative. I love the gift you have been blessed with. It’s motivating me to write ! Thanks fur using your gift and being a willing vessel. All the praise go to Jesus:)

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