As it was in the days of Noah

As it was in the days of Noah

(Jesus preached and declared)

It will be in the days of the Son of man

Men will be unprepared.


How was it in the days of Noah?

We must try to comprehend.

Evil thoughts filled men’s hearts

Of this there was no end.


They ate, they drank, they married wives,

Their foolish hearts were darkened,

To any form of righteousness,

They refused to hearken.


It grieved God at his heart.

He repented he had man created.

They were so violent and evil;

They must be eliminated.


God said, I will flood the earth.

This was his holy plan,

I will destroy beast and creeping things,

And also wicked man!


It was to rain upon the earth,

The whole earth would be covered,

With water from the fountains deep,

And from the clouds that hovered.


Noah was the man God chose,

To build a great big boat.

It was to be pitched within and without,

So it would stay afloat.


It must be built of gopher wood,

No other wood would do.

Because God had clearly specified,

And Noah carried through.


Noah preached one hundred twenty years,

Repentance was his urging,

But Noah had no converts.

As sin just kept on surging!


It was through this great boat or ark,

That men could have salvation

But only Noah’s family was saved

Through whom God would form a nation.


Noah loaded all the animals in

As God had specified

And it was God who closed the door.

The saved were all inside.


It rained for forty days and nights,

Just as God had said.

All in whose nostrils was the breath of life

Ended up as dead.


This is how it will be,

In the days of the Son of man.

Men will be unprepared.

They will fail to watch and plan.


These things were written for our use

While we here on earth abide

For someday another door will close,

And we want to be inside!


Inside of heaven’s golden gates,

Safe from death and fear

Eternal fellowship with all the saints

Singing anthems loud and clear.


Eight souls on the ark were saved by water,

This is a stated fact.

We in that likeness must be saved,

We must individually act.


We must be baptized into Christ

There is no other way.

We must  put him on in that watery grave,

If we our souls do save.


You need to heed the gospel’s call

Obey it from the heart.

And get life’s affairs in order,

Now is the time to start.


For our time here is short at best,

The end comes to one and all.

Make plans now and be ready

When death makes its final call.


For the most BEAUTIFUL words you’ll ever hear,

When you, life’s race have run,

Is to hear the Master say to you,


D. Arbaugh

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