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Lesson 1:

The Wonderful Works of God (Psalm 19:1) [PDF]

The Wonderful Works of God (Psalm 19:1) [Word.docx]

Lesson 2:

Trusting God’s Care (Psalm 28:7) [PDF]

Trusting God’s Care (Psalm 28:7) [Word.docx]

Lesson 3:

God’s Word through People (Psalm 136:1) [PDF]

God’s Work through People (Psalm 136:1) [Word.docx]

Lesson 4:

Learning God’s Way (Psalm 128:1) [PDF]

Learning God’s Way (Psalm 128:1) [Word.docx]


IF NECESSARY, teachers can make additional color pages and crafts for any of the four lessons mentioned above.

Each of these lessons could easily be taught to a class of adults, teens or even a class for two and three year-olds in the allotted class time. Particularly with Lesson 4, a more general topic about Israel in the book of Judges might not have just one color graphic but a small booklet made with four pages—maybe a flip book about SIN, SUFFERING, SUPPLICATION, and SALVATION. This could have pictures glued on or drawn on to show each idea. Feature things that would be SIN… like pictures of idols, children not being kind to one another, disobedience, etc.  SUFFERING could be, someone behind bars, someone sick because of drinking, a parent standing over child cleaning up a mess, etc.: SUPPLICATION seems easy enough—pictures of children or adults praying or at worship. SALVATION could be pictures or a drawing of the cross, Jesus, the Bible, baptism, etc.

Most teachers rely solely on commercial material. I would expect that new teachers or new members might have trouble adapting lessons such as these, but seasoned Christians should be able to pull a lesson together on any level, using only a starting context, which the elders or men of the church have suggested.

Often the teacher prepared materials can be better than what is offered as purchased curriculum. We all have Bibles—LET’S USE THEM! More teachers need to learn how to build a lesson for a class. They never know when they might be in a situation where they don’t have access to anything other than a Bible and still have to teach 4 year olds.  What will they do then?

Writing out a lesson may not be everyone’s forte, but if a teacher has any knowledge at all she should be able to share the topic in some way without a word-by-word lesson being given to her. YES, IT IS A LOT OF WORK, but remember: it is for the Lord and for the souls of HIS children!  Having springboards provided may be needed by some. Teachers should be encouraged to use suggested themes and lessons, learn from them and imitate the process on their class’s grade level.  Take these themes and lesson suggestions; make them work for your class. You can do a good job and the students will be blessed by the study!

—Beth Johnson

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  1. I find it encouraging that broken links for this series have been repaired. Just last week I was convinced that the broken links were my fault because we had switched domains for our website, but apparently that was not right. Thanks to whoever has made these work again.

    Meantime, there was some outdated information on Lesson #One. I have revised that and hope to add the revision here after the webmaster returns. 🙂

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