The sower parable


Jesus often taught in parables

That men the truth might see,

Earthly stories with spiritual meaning

That equip for eternity.


Jesus taught about the kingdom

It was all about heaven’s plan

How God in perfect wisdom

Would bring salvation unto man.


Isaiah prophesied years before this,

That the Jews would reject the Lord

Their ears were stopped, their eyes closed

They would act with one accord.


But to the disciples, Jesus said,

To you it hath been given

To know the mysteries of the kingdom

To this end, we have striven.


He began to teach about the sower

And explained the application

That they might be fully equipped

To perform their new vocation.


A sower went forth to sow.

He used only the best of seed.

While men slept the enemy came

And sowed tares among the wheat.


Now all the seed did germinate

The wheat brought forth it’s fruit

But the servants noticed the tares

They had also taken root!


The servants inquired of the master

Did you not good seed sow?

How could these tares be growing here,

This we would like to know?


The master quickly responded

An enemy hath sown them there.

The servants wanted to pull them up

But the master said, We don’t dare!


Let them grow together ‘til harvest

Lest we do the wheat much harm.

We’ll bind the tares and burn them

The wheat we’ll put into my barn.


The disciples did not fully understand

About this whole affair

So they asked Jesus to explain

The parable of the tares.


Jesus identified the sower

He is the Son of man.

The field is the world.

That’s easy to understand.


Children of the kingdom are the good seed,

Children of the wicked one are the tares,

The devil is the enemy that sowed them

By their fruit you’ll be made aware.


Jesus went on to explain the harvest

It will be when the world shall end.

And the angels are the reapers

So far, nothing hard to comprehend.


The Son of man will send forth his angels

To gather all things that do iniquity and offends.

They’ll be cast into a fiery furnace

Where the suffering never ends.


But the righteous shall shine forth

As the brightness of the sun,

In the kingdom of their Father

They the crown of life have won!


Jesus encourages us to listen

He who hath ears, let him hear.

You too can shine forth in the kingdom

And face the harvest without fear.


D. Arbaugh

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