Thinking about *things*

There are things that make us happy
There are things that make us blue
There are times when we’re discouraged
But our friends will see us through.

There are things that aggravate us
There are things that calm us down
There are things that bring us joy
When there’s no one else around.

But the things that are important
Are the things that we can read
The Word of God is full of things
That a person ought to heed.

Paul instructed Timothy
To commit to faithful men
All the things that he had heard
That they might others win.

The Hebrews writer also said
That earnest heed we must give
To the things he had written of
Concerning Christ that lives!

For he had written of the Christ
And from the book of Psalms
Showed Him to be Creator and Son
Through whom salvation comes.

And then we turn to Romans eight
There we are sure to find
All things work together for good
For those who love God sublime.

The Old Testament is for us today
From the Scriptures we must learn
That patience and comfort comes to us
While for the hope we yearn.

For it’s hope that keeps us steadfast
It’s the anchor of the soul
And we can look fear in the face
For the Lord is in control!

But when we try to sum it up
I think that we will find
It’s little things that count so much
To help a troubled mind.

Words of encouragement that we speak
Will turn things all around
Will give men strength to journey on
To win a shining crown.

A word, a note, a card, a prayer
For those who suffer loss
Can lift the burden of the day
And help them bear their cross.

So let us share the Gospel
With everyone we meet
Then we will all be blessed by God
To walk those golden streets.

For just as the Red Sea parted
Heaven’s gates will open wide
And all the saved will enter in
There eternally to abide.

D. Arbaugh

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