Missionaries seeking funds

Are you a missionary within the churches of Christ (Rom. 16:16) that needs funding for some aspect of your work?  If so, feel free to explain your need by filling in the information below.

Please do not forget to include some contact information with your post.

2 thoughts on “Missionaries seeking funds

  1. Dear Brethren in Christ,

    Hope and pray that all of you are good health.

    I’m Edgar G. Licodini an Evangelist/preacher here at Bliss church of Christ, Ilagan City, Isabela.In this congregation we have 45 regular attendance every Lord’s day (Youth and adults) and 25 children. We have a regular activity in the mid-week like Bible study and prayer meeting, we have also house to house to visitation/bible study to our prospect.

    Being a preacher I actively join with the gospel meeting in our area (Isabela, Cagayan, Quirino and Kalinga provinces) as our fellow preachers invited us to give lectures or words of encouragement in their assembly.

    Brethren in Christ, I’m married to Margie and we have four children, Edmar now is looking for employment in the hospital as nurse (7 months not yet employ) while the three are in the universities: Emmanuel 4th year in the college,Elijah 3rd year in the college, and Eleine Grace 1st in the college.

    Brethren in Christ, for this I would like to appeal to you a financial help to continue my obligation in preaching and also for my family. At this time I’m receiving a monthly support with the amount of $425.00 because of some adjustment we are in need of additional $300.00 a month. But whatever amount you may share we will be glad to have it. I will try to appeal to others, if somebody will respond to this request I will inform you for transparency.

    I understand you don’t know me personally but I hope I can get response to positively and I will continue to send report to you with regards to the Lord’s work here. So please let your mercy and love be extended to us. God bless us all.

    In Christ,

    Edgar G. Licodini
    Church of Christ
    Bliss, Ilagan City
    3300 Isabela Philippines
    cp# 0063 917-587-0078(my cellphone number)

  2. Dear brethren,
    My family of three has been living in Porirua, New Zealand, for nearly three years. The Lord has blessed the work tremendously! For detailed info about our work, please visit our website link. We are working closely with the Christians in Porirua and Wellington:
    The cost of living is very high in New Zealand. For our 3 bed, one bath house (~1,200 sq ft), with which we host guests almost every month, we pay NZ$330 every WEEK in rent. By the end of the year, we will have given our landlords $60,000 in rent- money the Lord’s work will never see again.
    We have discussed stewardship with our elders in Chalmette, LA, and they agree with us that it would be best for us to invest our money in purchasing a house, instead of throwing it away in rent, since we plan to be here for several more years. At this point, we are trying to raise some one-time funds for a downpayment. What we are paying in rent will very closely cover a mortgage, so we do not need to raise any more monthly support. If you’re interested in giving a one-time contribution, please contact me by email. God bless you! Keep serving Him!

    Lance Mosher

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