Ministry jobs

One of the preachers in my local area is looking to relocate and asked if I would help him look on the web and find sites that help preachers find congregations looking for ministers.  I found and forwarded the sites listed below to him; if anyone else knows of sites that might be useful to this brother, please e-mail me or post the information here.

I have also created a place for preachers searching for congregations and congregations searching for preachers to contact one another.

The following links are provided for informational purposes only.  My listing them does not mean I endorse some or all the doctrinal views you may find associated with the following resources.

Brotherhood preaching jobs (Bear Valley School of Preaching list)

Brown Trail School of Preaching

Heritage Christian University list of churches searching for preachers

Post your resume for preaching jobs (Heritage University)

Harding University ministry jobs list

The Jenkins institute (“the scoop blog”)

Oklahoma Christina University ministry jobs and churches looking for preachers list


Sunset School of Preaching ministry jobs listings

David Lipscomb University preaching jobs and congregations searching for ministers


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