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"The 352 page Romans commentary contains both practical and technical information, and the author draws upon some of the best comments that other commentators have written.  One of the purposes for writing the book is to demonstrate: 'God has always used a system of faith and not law to justify man' (5).  Under Romans 1:17 are these comments:  Paul shows (1) How God can save a man and still be righteous; (2) Why men are going to be condemned and God will be just; (3) Why the Jews were justly cut off from being God’s chosen people (18).   

     These goals are fulfilled throughout the book.  Also included throughout are lists of items that make some of the points more memorable, as well as diagrams and charts, such as the one contrasting the letter of the law with the spirit of the law (53).   

        One of the valuable charts covers pages 97-98 and consists of a left-hand column with the heading: 'We are saved by,' followed by 27 items and corresponding texts in the right-hand column.  Then, in the same format, are presented 9 things by which we obtain forgiveness and 7 by which we are justified.     

        Some excellent illustrations also accompany various verses.  One that portrays endurance involves the famous British explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, and an expedition to Antarctica in December of 1914.  The odds of survival had to be extremely low, and this example should inspire all (101-102).   

     A judicious use of questions occasionally peppers the commentary.  For example, following Romans 5:10-11, Price asks: 'If God was anxious to save us when we were enemies (verses 7-8), how anxious must He be to continue the justification process since we have been saved?' (108).   

     This reviewer can judge the success of a book by how much he highlights texts.  Although many commentaries have no marks for several pages at a time, this book has ten or more lines marked on several pages (with only a few pages not highlighted at all).  The numerous highlights testify to the book’s value.  The paperback is still available for $14.95 (which includes postage and handling) and may be ordered from the website: www.abiblecommentary.com." -- Gary W. Summers, author and evangelist 


"The commentary is excellent. It has been tested in classroom teaching. It sets forth the truths of Romans in simple language, yet completely challenging to all. I have read it, especially noting his treatment of the more difficult verses in Romans. He has clearly set forth the meaning of them all. I recommend the book for private study, church libraries, and for classroom study." -- James Meadows, Preacher Training School Director.  

"I gave one to my sister while she was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  She loved it."  

"I rarely read commentaries all the way through--my basic use for them is to consult as necessary.  I read yours all the way through and it is outstanding.  Which books are next and when will they be available?"  A veteran preacher from Ohio.  

"This is a commentary that can be used by literally anyone."  A small town preacher in Illinois.  

"I am not a Christian, but this book has really helped me."  

"I have REALLY enjoyed your book."  A preacher in Florida.  

"I am putting your contact information in our church bulletin and encouraging all our members to get one."  A preacher in Midwest.  

"We are giving them away for Christmas gifts."

"Having studied much of the pre-publication material on this First Corinthian commentary, I must conclude that it is one of the most thorough works I've encountered, and the most thorough in the Brotherhood.  It would be difficult to come up with a question about the epistle that is not specifically addressed in the commentary.  If you have questions about division (not all divisions are bad), tongues, the Lord's Supper, giving, baptism for the dead, the bodily resurrection, or even women's role in the assembly, they are explained, many with charts, in this commentary. I would highly recommend that every serious student and Bible teacher put this commentary on their desk and wear it out."  A preacher in northern Indiana.