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J.C. Ryle penned some excellent Bible commentaries on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. His commentary on Luke (1:388) has some very insightful information on Jesus, Mary and Maratha. Martha asked Jesus to tell Mary to come and help her, but Jesus said Mary had “chosen the good part” and this “would not be taken away from her.”

Ryle offered these comments on this situation:

“The true Christian’s possession shall never be taken from him. He alone, of all mankind, shall never be stripped of his inheritance. Kings must one day leave their palaces. Rich men must one day leave their money and lands. They only hold them till they die.—But the poorest saint on earth has a treasure of which he will never be deprived. The grace of God, and the favour of Christ, are riches which no man can take from him. they will go with him to the grave when he dies. They will rise with him in the resurrection morning, and be his to all eternity.”

Have you, like Mary, chosen the good part?