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 Your Bible is too small

   Do you drink or use drugs?  If so, I hope the following true story causes you to re-think your behavior.

   I recently witnessed one of the awful effects that illegal drugs and alcohol can have on a person.

   A man who came out for a Bible study said he did not have a copy of the Scriptures.  When I offered him my Bible, he opened it and then quickly shut it.  He said the print was too small to read; his past use of drugs and alcohol had so altered his eyesight that he would only be able to read a “large print” Bible.

   Preachers and teachers can offer a variety of technical and logical arguments from the Bible to steer people away from liquor and illegal drugs.  This article is designed to look at this subject from a different perspective.  Imagine being involved with something that can so alter your life that one day you may not be able to read things, one of which is the word of God.

   The Bible warns that “drunkards” will not be allowed into heaven (1 Cor. 6:10).  It also says we do not want to be “brought under the power” (be enslaved to anything), 1 Cor. 6:12.  These instructions are not only helpful in our quest for eternal life, they may also help preserve things like our eyesight so we can read God’s word in Bibles that do not have large print.

Be smart and make good choices.  Others may be regard us as “strange” because we do not live like the unsaved (1 Pet. 4:4), but God wants us to be different from the world (1 Pet. 2:9).